Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etymology of Slice Harvester: "For those who were wondering."

I wanted to provide some insight into where the name of this blog came from. My friend Greg Harvester, who is a totally rad and awesome guy and once told me I can borrow anything of his ever while he was drunk and I immediately asked if he'd give me his pants right then and he wouldn't do it so obviously he's actually not that cool and he's a total liar, was in a band called Rice Harvester a million years ago and currently does a zine of the same name. I'm not sure how to get the zine besides directly from Greg, and I'm not gonna post his contact on the blog, but there is a link to download the Rice Harvester 7" on the Region Rock and More blog. Greg's bands and zines have always been among the coolest around and I'm super glad that I know him because he's a total peach and I'm really lucky that we're friends.

Greg's partner Anandi was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and it's really tough for the two of them. My mother just beat breast cancer last year, so I know pretty intimately how strenuous and taxing that kind of struggle can be. Like my mother, Anandi is lucky enough to have a rad community of tough, rad folks to support her, but if any internet strangers want to donate a couple bucks to help her and Greg foot the bill for all these treatments, you can paypal money to or check the facebook group Help Anandi Fight Breast Cancer.

Sorry if this bummed anyone out, but first of all, life is not all pepperonis and sausage. Sometimes the Great Pizzaiola throws some anchovies at us, you know? And second of all, people get sick, bad shit happens all the time, but this is about communities coming together and people having each other's backs in tangible ways. So if anything, while these are certainly stressful times, this should ultimately be totally triumphant. If nothing else, just think good thoughts and dedicate your next slice to Anandi's health.

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