Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pizza Place Corporation: "Might be the best slice of the day."

By the time Jordan, Gabby and I made it to Pizza Place Corporation's corporate HQ, Gabby and I were feeling pretty loopy and goofy, so I was inordinately pleased with the font choice on the "Pizza Place" sign, which was really nothing special.

We went in and there were three teenage girls sitting at a booth listening to the raunchiest rap jams in history with no compunction and no concern for the old ladies in the store, who also didn't seem to care about 50 Cent's entreaties that they lick his lollipop. The first thing I noticed about the place was a really rude sign on the bathroom door. First there was a "rest room" sign, beneath that an "employees only" sign, and finally, below that a handwritten sign that read "what, can't you read?" Basically what I'm saying is that this place totally ruled.

I ordered my slice, forked over my $2.00, and was pretty happy with what I saw.

This slice looked good and smelled great. It was a little thinner crusted than an average New York slice, but I imagine that helped facilitate the totally rad and delicious, crunchy texture. There was kind of an abundance of cheese and sauce, in good ratio with each other, but I would've thought they would overwhelm the bread. However, they were both good quality, and with the crust's super firm crunchiness (without being brittle), the sloppy gooey sauce and cheese on top made for a really fun eating experience. We each got our own slice at this place and we totally devoured them like ravenous wolves or something. The actual heel of the slice was not too exceptional, though, which goes to show that the sauce and cheese might've been compensating for a bland dough. Overall, though, this slice was totally solid and I would for sure come back here again.

Pizza Place Corporation
1325 5th Ave
New York, NY 10029

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    It's the best very best in NY :)