Monday, September 20, 2010

Mezza Luna: "Uhhhh...."

As we were walking into Mezza Luna, Aron mentioned that he had eaten here before and it sucked. But regardless of that, I was ready to give them a chance because the pizzamen were so damn jovial. They just seemed to be enjoying their jobs so much and I felt like, in an atmosphere like that, the pizza had to be phenomenal. And the back of the room where the seating was had that certain dingy, unkempt atmosphere that I absolutely love, although in retrospect, something about the people eating's attitudes reminds me of that purgatory scene in Beetlejuice.

Turns out Aron was right and this pizza was fucking godawful. They must be using, like, the cheapest imaginable cheese in the world, because this slice is the most salty disgusting thing I have ever eaten. Smoked fish should be salted this much, maybe certain kinds of jerky, but not pizza! Pizza is not a salty food! There should be a reasonable amount of salt in the dough and the cheese should be a little salty, but not discernably, just enough so that you don't taste The Absence of Salt, one of the most horrifying and confounding flavors known to the human palate. To add insult to injury, my slice was not cooked enough and flopped around like a big, floppy, salty dong. And because of all the damn salt, I couldn't really tell you what the cheese or dough tasted like. This is up there with some of the worst pizza I've ever had in my life.


Mezza Luna Pizzeria - $2.50
98 8th Ave (14th & 15th)
New York, NY 10011

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  1. The customer service here is really bad. I used to go here in highschool and the guy at the register called the police on my friend for getting a little too passionate about the cook refusing to give me a cup of tap water.