Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gotham Pizza: "No time for complaints, Robin."

Yesterday I went out eating pizza with my friend Aron and Ryan. Aron works at Second Chance Saloon, my favorite bar, and has played in like, ten million rad bands throughout history, although now he is in the totally awesome Beer & Cable. Ryan is an excellent photographer, as evidenced by his A Year of Days blog and he sometimes works on the Daily Show or films people getting surgery or other cool stuff like that.

Our first stop of the day was Gotham Pizza, which had weird fake flames filling in the cornball font that said their name on the awning and that immediately bummed me out. I guess I just thought it was like, unbearably corny or something.

And you know what else was unbearably corny? The slice! Seriously, there was so much fucking nasty burnt up cornmeal caking up the bottom it felt like crumbling asphalt. It reminded me of Pizza Mercato and reminded Aron of Two Boots. It was a seriously bummer zone. It bears noting a this point, that for some reason we had decided to each eat our own slice at as many places as we could, and that at this place, Ryan's slice fell completely apart. Like, he picked it up and it just mushed apart like a big nasty blob. While my slice didn't fall apart, it was still waaaay too soggy. They were all poorly cooked, the cheese was too melted and the sauce was too watery, albeit tasty, and there was no grease!

Big "whatever" on this one.


Gotham Pizza - $2.50
144 9th Ave (18th & 19th)
New York, NY 10011

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