Friday, September 17, 2010

Stella's Pizza: "This place ain't bad."

Stella's Pizza is alright. The place has a little bit too much fake-kitsch decor going on, but that doesn't really surprise me considering we're in the same neighborhood as the Trailer Park-themed bar. Also unsurprisingly, shit like that Trailer Park bar really gets my ire up on a very visceral level. The thought of the affluent urban elite drinking overpriced Schlitz in a bar that's themed like a "white trash" dive is offensive on so many levels. I hope that place becomes embroiled in scandal, the owners are forced into poverty and they have to contend with living the life they've been ironically selling to wealthy Manhattanites for however many years that shithole has been open. I know that in our Sick Fucking Society, most people are blissfully unaware of their privilege, but that just seems like a fucking blatant slap in the face to anyone who isn't a monied urbanite and that shit is so played. This place does not suffer from any of those problems and is actually quite pleasant to be in, if a little corny, so sorry for my digression, but sometimes I get mad.

This slice was totally decent! Not amazing, but not bad. If I am ever working in this neighborhood again and I need a quick slice, I will be going to Stella's. My slice was a barely lacking on texture, but Ryan's was cooked perfectly and made a discernible crunch when he bit into it. The sauce was alright, if a little bland, and the cheese was good enough, if not amazing. This is not going to win the pizza Olympics and I could nitpick about it all day, but all told, there is nothing to really complain about here!


Stella's Pizza - $2.50
110 9th Ave (17th & 18th)
New York, NY 10011


  1. trailer park's been there since '02. i lived across it at the time and begrudgingly went in there the saturday afternoon of its soft opening. i drank about a half dozen margaritas because they were practically giving them away. i think they were delicious. but i can't say for certain.

    i came to hate that place about two days later though when the hangover wore off.

  2. I spent 7 years of my tween and adolescent years eating this pizza. I went to middle and high school on the same block. The place is really small and there were never enough seats but the pizza was good enough to eat standing and never required more than 2 or 3 napkin squares.