Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Frank & Tommy Pizza & Restaurant: "I am into it because I love hot dogs!"

I recently had the pleasure, (and what a pleasure it was!), of eating pizza with my friends Greg Harvester and Alex Turner, who were in town with Greg's awesome band Neon Piss for a couple of days. If you like dark, weird, super urgent punk songs that kind of remind you of everything rad about 81 hardcore and the Wipers at the same time, do yourself a favor and follow that link. 'Bullet in the Back' is my jam, dogs. Alex is a really rad guy who I have partied with on the left side, the right side and the dead center of the country. I don't know him super well but he always seems to be travelling with people I really love, and it's a real pleasure every time I unexpectedly run into him. Greg Harvester used to be in a band called Rice Harvester, and did a zine of the same name. He is also inadvertently responsible for the name of this here website. A few years ago, I had just got home early from travelling and my apartment was still sublet. I had nothing to do nowhere to go-oh, and I ended up in this crummy hallway with a ton of people I know waiting for Greg's band Black Rainbow to play a show, when Greg came out a drew a picture of a little dude on the wall wearing a hat like Raiden from Mortal Kombat, and wrote "Rice Harvester" beneath it. As soon as he left, I took out a sharpie and drew a dollar sign on the dude's shirt and added a P, transforming the text into "Price Harvester." Soon everyone hanging out was making mock versions of Greg's tag, there was a crusty picking at a friend's dreads that said, "Lice Harvester," a picture of Jesus leading peope to heaven that said "Christ, Harbinger," and then my pal Mike Leslie drew one that was almost identical to Greg's, except instead of the rice paper hat, the little dude was wearing an upside down piece of pizza on his head and he wrote "Slice Harvester" and like a week later I stole the name for my website! Since then me and Greg have shared a handful of pretend-litigious emails, because he is fake suing me, but I don't think we've seen each other face to face in almost two years, so it was really nice to have him come out and eat pizza with me because in a lot of ways he is like, this project's Uncle or something.


Our first stop, after walking through Police Plaza and feeling like we were in a dystopian future sci-fi movie, was Frank & Tommy Pizza & Restaurant, a nice greasy little hole in the wall on Madison St. It was filled with totally grimy people and there were tons of folks hanging out not eating anything, just lurkin' and starin', and the whole place smelled like hot dogs, which bummed out Alex and Greg because they are vegetarians, but I was into it because I love hot dogs. Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh.

This slice didn't look like anything too great but it was totally good! Here's the what-what (as opposed to the what? what? what? what? what? what? wha-what?!, which is here): This slice had good cheese, dare I say, great cheese. It tasted like actually dairy as opposed to dairy-ish substance. The sauce was nondescript and understated in a really good way, and it had an excellent crunch. There was a visible layer of totally raw dough at the top of the slice that seemed thicker than it should've been, but I didn't taste it or feel it in my mouth. All told, this slice was quite alright! It wasn't super mindblowing never have another slice again AWESOME, but it was good and solid and I will eat here on other occasions if I ever find myself in this neighborhood.


Frank & Tommy Pizza & Restaurant - $2.25
205 Madison St (at Essex)
New York, NY 10002

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