Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Italy Pizza: "I think this is the first place called Little Italy to serve a good slice!"

Earlier this week I went pizza eating with my "friend" Phil Chapman. I have known Phil for years, and even worked for him for a short time, and I can say, with total abject honesty, that he is the closest to a real life Newman I have ever met. (Coincidentally, he is also the only person I know with a Seinfeld tattoo.) Phil is not a Newman in terms of his aesthetic appearance. In that regard he looks like any other dour, overly tattooed, aging punk rocker holding up any shitty bar in Portland, OR. Phil is a Newman in demeanor, in that he truly and greatly rejoices in the suffering of others.

Of course I'm speaking in jest, to some extent. Phil is my friend and he is very dear to me. If he were abducted by aliens and I was never able to see him again, I'd think of him with only slight disdain and perhaps even a touch of fondness every time I watched Seinfeld, listened to NYHC rap projects, or saw an old person fall down crossing the street. Phil is a true New York legend, and I am simultaneously envious and sympathetic of those who haven't had their lives touched by The Yenta of Thompkins Avenue.

We were also joined by a newspaper reporter! I wasn't sure what to expect from him, but when he showed up to meet us he looked just like George Tabb and was wearing an Avail t-shirt, so there goes, he is one of us.

Our first stop was Little Italy Pizza on Park Pl. I was pretty terrified, because thus far I have never gotten a good slice from a place called Little Italy. This place had little to no ambiance beyond basic Bustling Pizza Parlor vibes, but there was nothing especially offensive or lame about it. It was just sort of regular. Like any number of other pizzerias I've been to in my life. Formica tables, slightly greasy walls, a bunch of dirks eating their stupid lunch.

This slice was really pretty awesome, though! It could've been crisper, but it was hot enough and had great ratios. Perhaps it was a little too greasy and that is what led to the floppiness, but the flavors were so damn good I didn't mind too much and it seems like you could still eat it on the go. The sauce on this slice had a great consistency and actual dairy flavor, the dough tasted great and yeasty like awesome bakery bread, and the sauce was understated but delicious. A little crisper and this slice would've been perfect, but it was pretty damn good.


Little Italy Pizza - $2.75
11 Park Pl (Church & Broadway)
New York, NY 10007

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