Saturday, May 7, 2011

Multi Tastes Diner: "This will mostly be photographs."

Multi Tastes Diner is my new favorite place on Earth! It is a veritable heaven for the eclectic palate and a miserable hell for the indecisive. There are like, four or five hundred items on the menu! Pizza is item #320 and is $2.00, but there is also roti, oxtail, prawns and chicken szechuan style, burgers, chicken fingers, milkshakes, veal milanese, crab cakes, AlizĂ©... fucking ALIZE. Let's drink some AlizĂ© and eat some spring rolls and a beef wellington. FUUUCK! And they have a fishtank. And the place is full of fucking WEIRDOS!

The pizza was nothing special. There was this strange like, asteroid belt of weirdness in between the cheese and that crust that was "distinctly neither crust nor pizza," as Alex astutely observed. I said it made me think of the desert planet Arrakis in the Dune Novels, but Greg and Alex didn't have any idea what I was talking about because I guess sci-fi novels are not punk enough for them or something. I'm gonna go back and rewrite Dune and give all the characters dread mullets and denim vests and make it take place in Minneapolis and then maybe they'll pay attention!

 Anyway, like many of my reviews of awesome shitholes, I say come here definitely, but don't bother with the pizza. My guess is that the chinese food is probably the best, then the diner shit, then everything else. Either way, it's worth a stop if you are a connoisseur of strange places.


Multi Tastes Diner - $2.00
23 St James Pl (at Madison)
New York, NY 10038

And I may as well mention, Slice Harvester will be taking a short break next week, because I am going to Miami to meet my girlfriend's family and not care about the NBA playoffs. Wish me luck! Updates will return on Monday the 16th. Thanks for you patience, dogs.

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