Friday, May 21, 2010

42nd St. Restaurant: "It's a tropical fantasy."

Having just come from Miami, and having been out eating pizza with two ladies who grew up there, I can say, definitively, that 42nd Street Restaurant looks like it could be in Little Haiti. And it was also super tropical looking on the inside! It's a super big room, and it's all painted neon yellow. There's all sorts of pictures of palm trees and shit, it's really pretty great! I want to go back there and try the other food, though, because the pizza was terrible.

This slice was totally no good, and it cost $3.50. It's a real scam. Totally a joke. Leah said she liked this slice because it appealed to her "raw dough addiction." That, of course, is not a recommendation, unless you're also into eating weird shit like uncooked bread slathered in plasticy cheese and flavorless sauce. And the crust, the crust tasted like NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. One thing that this place did have going for it was the craziest bathroom I've ever seen.

Look at that! Bring a date here! Hold hands on the can!


Bathroom Rating:

42nd Street Restaurant - $3.50
647 West 42nd Street (11th & 12th)
New York, NY 10036


  1. a gorgeous looking slice... i like the sauce/cheese contrast. very important.

  2. I live next to this restaurant and it may be the most ugly restaurant I have ever seen. In an amazing location like that with so many huge buildings just erected this place is always empty for a reason. It looks like a third grader decorated it. If I had extra money I would actually offer to pay for a decorator to gut the place and make it somewhere I would actually want to sit down and eat in. Nobody in my Building goes there and we all think it is a shame how wasteful this space is. They are nuts for not hiring a professional company to redo it and make them five times as much money.

  3. I babysit two little girls who are irish catholic but they go to a greek school, and the younger, more whiney child's friend from school's parents own this restaurant. They always have his birthday parties there and they feed the children an exorbitant amount of greesey nasty food. The girl I babysit ate three slices or pizza, gyro meat and chicken fingers once. She already has high blood pressure but I'm not allowed to put her on a diet..
    On a lighter note, the chicken fingers are crack. Or at least I can't stop eating them until I've had about fifty(I too need a diet). They are homemade and have the BEST seasoning. The mom is Spanish and the dad is Greek, so I would think the gyro would be good- but living in Astoria I can tell you that the gyro is bland, old, greasy slabs of meat-substitute. HOW CAN GYRO BE BLAND? when I was vegetarian one year I had spinach pie, which was mediocre, and the salad had that extra cold feeling like it had been in the freezer longer than it had grown in the ground. Its next to the Chinese Embassy, several high rises and across from a bowling alley.
    Maybe a third grader did decorate it (the son is in 4th grade now?) but they are nice people and have always been generous to us, just need a revival.