Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Slice of New York: "Pizza for people who hate life."

A Slice of New York almost looks cool. It's got good architecture and the space is weirdly shaped, but the thing that's most striking about it is that it looks like it's a pizza place in some other town. I could see that storefront, with it's big old factory windows and "old fashioned" font neon letters in Nashville or something. And let's talk about the name. A Slice of New York. That sounds like the name some stooge would give his "New York style" pizzeria, elsewhere. Like some goon from Yonkers who opened up a pizzeria in Richmond or something.

And it's a strange scene inside. There is an incredibly high ceiling and towards the back there is a weird like, lofted seating area. It seems like a perfect place to come and sit undisturbed for hours. If you had some reading to do for instance, or if you were freaking out on mushrooms and just needed a place to collect yourself.

The pizza was garbage, though. Real crap. It had literally no flavor. Like, actually none at all. It had an unpleasant texture, but just didn't taste like anything at all. Totally not worth it. And there was a cop hiding out in the seating area!! What a hidden trap. The guys that worked here were real nice, though. I would say if you need to kill some time in this neighborhood, go in, double check that there's no pigs in the loft, and then get like, a canoli and a cup of coffee and just read Roberto Bolano for like, 9 hours without anyone bothering you. Get it? Come back here, perhaps, but not for the pizza.


A Slice of New York - $3.00
727 8th Avenue (45th & 46th)
New York, NY 10036


  1. That pizza even looks like it doesn't taste like anything. Like an edible reproduction of a plastic representation of pizza.

  2. Congratulations to A Slice Of New York for replicating the taste of a frozen Elio's pizza. Absolutely the worst pizza I've ever had in the city.