Monday, May 10, 2010

Carve: "The more I eat it the more disapointed I am."

"Unique Sandwiches". The indictment is right there on Carve's awning. We should've known better, but really, it's my responsibility. I'm putting in the work up here so that when I get further downtown and the pizza starts being good again, I'll have really earned it. This place was dumb, but the vegetables looked fresh, so their salads might be good, and they had a bagel with nova and the works for $6.50 which is a hell of a deal, but the pizza, oh no!

The cheese on this pizza looked like melted plastic and tasted horrid. The crust was terrible. This is not a pizzeria, though. It's just a place that has pizza. The other food looked really good! I would totally eat a salad from here. And they had a bagel and nova with the works for $6.50 which is a totally rad deal. But the pizza, meh.

While Corey and I were eating this woman walked in and asked the pizza guy which slices were vegetarian. He pointed to like, a roasted pepper slice, an artichoke slice, a broccoli rabe slice, a peppers and onions slice and a slice with pineapple or something and then she said, "what's the difference?" We shared a look, Corey and I did, that was all, "what the hell is wrong with this woman?" As we were leaving, she asked the pizza dude if they sold half slices and then walked out in a huff when he gave her attitude!! I love it. What a weirdo. Half slices.


Carve - $2.72
268 West 47th Street (corner of 8th)
New York, NY 10036

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