Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roma Pizza: "There's something very awry here."

As soon as we walked into Roma Pizza, I knew the slice was gonna blow chunks and I said so. Corey was quick to point out, "but I would never even go in a place like this, and I would definitely turn around as soon as I saw the pizzas." Which were arranged in possibly the most unappetizing fashion possible.

This is possibly the most unappetizing shit I have ever seen. The "sausage" bits on that pepperoni/sausage pie look like chunks of Fimo, and whatever that weird semolina stuffed shit is seems to have had an entire other pie stack on top of it, reminiscent of this picture of pizza in England that my friend Roland showed me, (though he hastens to point out that it was actually taken by his girlfriend, Jane Liddle). This just looks terrible!

Big shocker, but the slice we got sucked. The cheese was foul, the sauce was worse, and the dough was paper thin, making this slice insubstantial as well as disgusting. This slice sucked, and there were cops hanging out in here. I don't think it's just my own biases, but I've found that pizzerias swarming with pigs tend not to have good pizza. If a place is generally crowded and some 5-0 go in for a slice, that's one thing. It's obviously decent. But if cops outweigh customers, it is a general rule of thumb that the place will stink.


Roma Pizza - $2.99
681 8th Avenue (43rd & 44th)
New York, NY 10036


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