Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pizza Plus: "There's nothing they could do to fix this."

Pizza Plus may seem familiar to the observant reader. As you may recall from last week, me and my favorite book thug Corey Eastwood ate at a slice joint on 9th Ave called Pizza Plus already. And if you have an especially good memory, you'll remember that the logo at that place looked exactly the same as this one. Actually, I just looked at the picture of the last one, and realized that I didn't get the logo in the photograph, but trust me, that place had the same exact circular emblem with the poor representation of the Empire State Building as this one does. What you will remember about that place is that it had totally shitty pizza.

Well, so did this place. There was mad NYHC up in this slice. I'm talking Danny Diablo all over the damn thing. This slice caused almost instantaneous bodily depression as soon as it was swallowed. Watching everyone swallow their first bite was like watching a room full of automatons get turned off by remote. There is something inherently evil about this place. Caroline said it was "making her want to cry." In short, this pizza is a pox. Steer clear.


Pizza Plus - $2.75
642 9th Avenue (44th & 45th)
New York, NY 10036

1 comment:

  1. Good on you. I've hated this place for ages. Sauce tastes like off-brand ketchup. Brings up the question: why is there so much bad pizza in NY?