Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Z Deli: "Let's Pretend that never happened."

Oy yoy yoy! I am so mad at this pizza. Like, really furious. Z Deli looks like the ultimate cool shithole. It is just a sort of bustling bodega and then you walk to the back and there's this blase dude standing back there who doesn't give a fuck about anything, surrounded by mountains of the gnarliest pizza you've ever seen. I ordered my slice and the dude just handed it to me off an enormous stack of slices that were already on plates. It was a totally shady situation. AND it was the ugliest slice I've probably ever seen.

Okay, I seriously took one bite of this slice and then spit it out all over the sidewalk. I am not a snob and I have eaten some nasty shit in my day, but this slice really takes the cake. Totally grotesque. My notes really only say "HORRIBLE". I think this might be the first slice I literally could not eat and spit in the gutter. There's not much to say. This isn't pizza.


Z Deli - $1.00
803 8th Avenue (48th & 49th)
New York, NY 10019


  1. z deli makes a mean egg n cheese sandwich though...

  2. I think you should go back. I have tried this place and it was good for a 99 cent slice in crappy midtown.

  3. Every place makes a good egg n cheese sandwich. Is there such a thing as a NOT good egg n cheese sandwich?

  4. Yes in fact, so many different variances of egg n cheese sandwiches, that a blog can be started on them!