Friday, July 23, 2010

10th Ave Pizza & Cafe: "Maybe they at least have a good grilled cheese."

10th Avenue Pizza & Cafe is a nice diner and a shitty pizzeria. I mean it looks like a nice diner and the people who work there seem alright. But like, I guess it could be one of those places with pale bland homefries that can't even seem to make toast right. Who know, who cares? I am not the Breakfast Fetcher, or the Burger Muncher, but the Slice Harvester and I am here to tell you about pizza and you wanna know what you need to know about this pizza? It stinks.

Bland. No sauce. The texture of instant mashed potatoes. Sweet dough. Whatever, there is nothing really to say about this Slice. BBC hated it more than I hate cops, and Eliza thought it was redeemable if it had been cooked through more, but we all agreed that the slice we were holding in our hands was GAH-ROSS!


10th Ave Pizza & Cafe
256 10th Ave (24th & 25th)
New York, NY 10001


  1. Someone is getting super slow in their postings. Not naming names. Just sayin'...

    At this rate, won't make it to the outer boroughs before 2012, the end of days. And it would be a shame to miss one of Dom's slices.

  2. Thomas! Last week was the first week of the entire Summer that I updated Monday-Friday and that's the time you pick to admonish me for slowing down! Besides, it's Summer Vacay, a guy needs a rest. I post an average of 5 posts a week in the year, and so far this Summer I've posted 3-4 per week. I know you're just joshing, but I do feel like it's okay for me to slow down and the warmer months. It is too hot for me to do anything!

    But worry not! I have been eating pizza at my usual pace, I'm just taking longer to translate the photos and notes into blog posts. I am still plowing through Manhattan like a juggernaut. Hopefully I'll be in Brooklyn by Spring.

  3. Just remember that the only thing better than pizza is

    MORE PIZZA!!!!

    Nom, nom,nom.