Friday, July 23, 2010

R.I.P. Milano Pizza.

Milano Pizza had a real good slice. I went there a handful of times over a few years, most notably during some latenight hangouts with B. Parm at his FIT Dorm where I felt like a creep because I was well in my twenties. But such is life. Let's not get sidetracked.

Milano Pizza, I will miss you. I hope your owners are not broke and your oven is in capable hands.

love, Colin

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  1. I'm happy you gave this place a shout out, but the real shout-out goes to the once-samosa spot that has recently became a 99cent slice spot(not sure if it stayed one long enough for you to catch it, it looked shitty and fronty), just a few storefronts south of Milano.
    Milano wasnt ever the best, in fact, it went through differnt names and kept failing the health inspections, but, i think you might be drawn to the spirit of Milano, for it had quite the Pizza Men serving slices. Clsssic pizza men whom are so ever amply appreciated with dignity and spirit on your wonderful blog.

    B parmalot
    Parm a commin, possible homemade. is that cool?