Friday, July 16, 2010

Rosa's: "In my eyes, in disposed, in disguise as no one knows."

Rosa's Pizza looked alright. It seems like a decent enough place. The people in there were really nice. We wanted coffee so they brewed us a fresh pot and brought the cups to our table where we were sharing one slice. Totally great service. There is a huge seating area in the back where this really adorable family was sitting. Even though I think breeding is usually irresponsible, I can appreciate a cute baby, and this couple that was in there had a really cute baby. The dad talked kind of like Joe Pesci and was also adorable in the way where seeing roughhewn, masculine dudes act cutesy with a child is totally heartwarming. There was also this really weird situation where they had a whole wall of windows that could have potentially looked out onto a backyard or something, but someone on the other side had built a wall right up against it, so you just had a view of a hastily constructed, wooden wall. It was weird but made me happy for some reason.

Ben and me were the only people in the back besides that family, so we tried not to be too rambunctious or obscene in our pizza reviewing. The slice came out piping hot (a good thing), so we sipped our coffee for a while and let it cool down. I thought it was pretty promising, but was sorely mistaken.

This slice simply didn't taste like anything. I don't know what the deal is, but it just like, had no flavor. The texture was alright but nothing wonderful. It just tasted like an absence. Total Black Hole Slice. It was really kind of disappointing. I asked Ben to draw me a picture of how this slice made him feel and this is what he gave me:


Rosa's Pizza - $2.50
629 2nd Ave (34th & 35th)
New York, NY 10016


  1. hey -

    i just found this blog today, though i can't remember where from. i'm stuck inside because i'm sick (food poisoning no less) and so i've read through maybe 50 or 60 entries because they're pretty great and, well, i've got pretty much nothing else going on.

    one thing i would have liked to see, which might be too late to go back and do retroactively, but maybe you could start doing is putting a "label" or "tag" or whatever blogger calls them on each entry with the number of slices it receives out of ten. like, i'd be pretty stoked to just be able to click on "10" on the side bar and have the site filter down to just awesome pizza. i guess that's what the "good slice" "great slice" labels are for but they seem less exacting/useful.

    today i read a large chunk of your site, and i'll continue to read it for entertainment purposes, but as someone not from NYC that loves cheap pizza, i don't see it being very helpful when i come to visit.

  2. Mr. Lecky,

    Thanks for spending so much time on the blog. If you find the "good slice" and "great slice" tags useless, I don't know what to tell you. Because I think out of 300 or so reviewed pizzerias there's 16 "great slices," if that is too difficult for you to navigate, I can't really help you there.

    As far as the rating system is concerned, I didn't go into effect immediately upon starting the site, and although one day I do plan to go back and put a rating on all those entries, it is not in the works any time soon. Also, the rating system is out of 8, not 10, and furthermore, no pizzeria has yet to achieve a rating of 8 because I am persnickety.

    But seriously, if you are coming to NYC why can't you just look at the "great slice" entries and pick the four that appeal to you most, or like, the two that are closest to where you're staying? I don't know, it doesn't seem that hard to me.

    Sorry if this sounded like a reprimand! I am asking honest questions. And genuinely, thanks for the support and spending so much time reading things I wrote. Sorry you are sick.

    love, Colin

  3. Agreed that Rosa's regular slices are nothing great - they might as well call them "Cheese Wads". Their pasta dishes and heroes are fantastic, though! But then again, this is Slice Harvester, not Pasta Dishes and Heroes Harvester.