Thursday, July 1, 2010

99¢ Fresh Pizza: "Definitely the best dollar slice I've had so far."

Nuts!when he is at home in Olympia. In a lot of ways it is the exact opposite of Slice Harvester. Like, it is mostly interviews and there isn't much first person narrative type prose. And then it is like, HUGE like a big foldout newspaper. And there is like, NO internet presence beyond that link to buy it off the K Records website. But then in some ways it is really similar, like even though it harnesses the energy of a million people to help create it, Nuts! is actually predominantly the work of a lone, obsessive weirdo. And also, it is super local to Olympia, but at the same time, it is really accessible for not Olympians. Or whatever, blah blah blah.

Ben is just a homie and a fellow maniac and when we hang out the world seems to be full of possibilities. There is a certain kinetic reaction that happens when we get in a room together where neither one of us can stop talking for hours at a time. The number of conversations that don't get finished could fill volumes. Unfinished critique of Vice Magazine because we got sidetracked talking about the Nuremberg Rallies because we were talking about sports arenas because we were talking about Jay-Z funding the Atlantic Yards project because we were talking about materialism in Hip Hop because we were talking about sneaker collecting, which is a part of the vapid commodity fetishism that makes things like Vice and all the other hollow embodiments of today's youth subcultures (WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO COUNTERCULTURES?!) so totally useless as tools for anything but promotion of the status quo. You get it, right?

Our first stop on the Fantastic Voyage that our day together would prove to be was a 99¢ Fresh location on 34th Street. As you may recall from previous ruminations on the subject, as well as from the Great Dollar Showdown, I have always considered 99¢ Fresh to be the most superior in the dollar slice genre, and this slice may be the best I've had yet from any 99¢ Fresh location!

Ben was initially impressed by the sauce for a dollar slice, and he knows about shit like that. We he's at home in Oly, Ben also works at Old School Pizzeria, which serves a great slice (for the Northwest), if I remember correct, and where I played hella pinball one time. Anyway, Ben was really impressed with the quality of the sauce for a dollar slice, and I agree. The cheese, it was fairly innocuous. Obviously it wasn't especially GOOD, but it didn't taste BAD. The crust was a little soggy , but it had the right amount of salt and tasted just fine. All in all, this slice was totally satisfying, and like, on par with some of the crappier real slices I've had instead of existing purely in the Dollar Realm.

Objective Rating:

Dollar Scale Rating:

99¢ Fresh Pizza - $1.00
201 E 34th St (at 3rd)
New York, NY 10016

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