Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rose Pizza & Pasta: "I am so impressed with Penn Station."

Still well within the bowels of Penn Station, after leaving Don Pepe's, Eliza, BBC and I questioned the likelihood of there being another pizza place hidden in this transit hub that serves up a decent slice. When we saw the front of Rose Pizza & Pasta, we weren't quite sure what to make of it, but we were impressed with the massive selection of beers. They have 24 draughts, three size cups, and they all cost the same amount. So 32 ounces of Guiness costs the same as 32 ounces of Bud Light, and if I remember correctly it is only like, $6, which is crazy. If you are feeling like drinking beer through a straw on the street, this might be the place to go.

We got right into eating this slice and I didn't remember to photograph it right away, but I did get this totally unappetizing picture of the last 1/3rd of it. This was surprisingly good pizza! They just handed it to us right off a tray, and it wasn't quite hot enough, and the beginning lacked the complete crunch I so crave, but the ingredients were of good quality, the flavors were good and there was enough of everything without there being too much of anything! Towards the end this slice was near perfect, and the crust was absolutely impeccable. Ultimately, this slice would've been better if it had gotten thrown back in the oven for a second, but really, this piece of pizza was shockingly good. And what's even more shocking is that the average pizzeria in New York City totally sucks, as far as I can tell, but the two places in Penn Station are both way above average! It's pretty weird to me, but whatever. Weird world, right?


Rose Pizza & Pasta - $2.75
I Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10121


  1. Check it out! You hit Rosa's! I agree that pizza in Manhattan is wanting. There are places in Queens and Long Island that are so much better. But Rosa's is ahead of the curve. I love the taste of their plain slice. And their eggplant is sublime. I can't wait until you start reviewing the boroughs.

  2. screw the pizza! go there for the cheap BEER!

  3. Rosa's is my personal favorite. Best cheese to sauce ratio in my book. Don't use the bathroom there; it's disgusting because a lot of homeless guys hang out there.