Monday, July 19, 2010

Pizza & Pita: "A pleasant surprise on the East Side."

I expected to be pretty disappointed by Pizza & Pita, mostly because of the name. Because, for real, my experiences thus far with any kind of Mediterranean/Halal/Kosher pizza have been severely lacking. For some reason I expected this place to be kosher, which is arguably the worst of those three, and was surprised to walk in and find a roomful of young muslims chowing slices hella hard and talking about school.

I was way more surprised, though, when the pizza turned out to be any good. Because places with dietary restrictions on them are generally pretty bad! And the last Halal slice I can recall was Nasa Pizza up in Harlem, and I didn't really go to bat for that place. But this slice, while not outstanding or incredible was totally ADEQUATE, and compared to some of the shit slices that me and Ben Trog chomped down, it was like a glimmering oasis in a desert of... this slice begs the question, I am comfortable making the same level of pg-rated jokes about Halal pizza as I make about Kosher pizza?! And the answer is YES, But I am not familiar enough with the Qur'an or Sharia Law to make decent puns! It is a true tragedy.

Anyway, the slice, the slice. This slice had good ratios and a very acceptable texture. The ingredients were all of superb quality, though I could've done with a little more grease. The sauce was decent and understated, though not, To Die For. The crust, was the weakest link, in that it seemed to lack any noticeable quantity of salt, which wasn't so noticeable under the cheese and sauce, but at the heel, it became a powdery dry saltless mess. However, crust aside, this slice was totally DECENT. I would not complain if I ate it, though I wouldn't sit there going, "FUCK!... THIS PIZZA!... ARE YOU TASTING THIS THING?... THIS IS.... FUCK." I would just eat it in a quiet and businesslike fashion and be totally satisfied at the end but never remember it or talk about it again.


Pizza & Pita - $2.50
344 E 34th St (1st & 2nd)
New York, NY 10016

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