Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bravo Pizza: "My lucky day! I get to visit two Bravo Pizzas! Huzzah!"

Another Bravo Pizza. Wooo-hoooo! I love it here. It's like, if I ever wonder what the point of doing Slice Harvester is, then I get to a Bravo Pizza and it reminds me of everything great in the world. Like, they might be a chain, and maybe they accept "corporate accounts" and seem like a total Pizza Today bottom line oriented bullshit business, but they obviously have rigorous standards of who they hire as evidenced by this sign posted in the window:

Some experience! It's really important. And english! Wowza. It's great.

This slice is like my dream come true. Like, imagine if you could make something look like pizza, but taste like ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That's what this slice was like. A hot nothing. Fuck this place. Two zeroes in a row! What a week.


Bravo Pizza - $2.75


  1. Hahaha, "look like pizza" is even debatable. Jesus.

  2. strange, i had an amazing pepperoni slice at 3AM, at THIS bravo pizza while travelling, and thought it was awesome. maybe you should go back at 3am after a night of drinking grey goose martinis!