Monday, October 25, 2010

Frank's Express Pizza: "NO!"

Oh boy, Frank's Express is the worst! Really, it's so, so bad. If they served a decent slice, being inside of Frank's would be lovely. It's awkwardly tiny and cramped, with slightly malfunctioning stools and a kind of gross counter. And you might end up stuck really close next to a stranger. And there is a mirror so you can watch people eat which can be super uncomfortable!

This slice tastes like biting into a stick of nasty fake butter. The flavor of the grease is totally weird and synthetic tasting. And the cheese tasted curdled. Joe took one bite and said, "I can't imagine a more unpleasant eating situation." This place would still be shit if it were a dollar slice, but it costs twice that, so fuck this place.


Frank's Express Pizza - $2.00
127 E 23rd St (at Lexington)
New York, NY 10010


  1. damnit. I wanted this place to be good. The signage is so beautiful.

  2. I used to live next door and remember my first experience being a negative one - it wasn't your typical ny slice. After another couple visits, I couldn't stop eating there. Give it another shot. A slice was also $1.25 when I lived near the Hindu porn theater.

  3. I don't know what this guy was smoking when he ate at Frank's. I used to work a couple of blocks away while I was in high school and I went to Frank's EVERY day for lunch. It has THE BEST pizza in NYC. I recommend it to everyone I know and they ALL love it. I don't work or live down there any more, but I still go out of my way every now and then for the best slice in New York. Seriously guys, your review is seriously off. Frank's has the best sauce in the city, bar none.

  4. I'm not trying to be contentious but I think Frank's serves an excellent slice and I'm fussy. I stumbled upon them a few weeks ago when I took a look and said "No!" to the nearby dollar stuff. I walked into Franks, saw a gorgeous slice (nicer than the one pictured, in fact), ordered it, and was in heaven (and this despite the fact that I prefer fresh mozz). A real, old-style NYC slice and I especially liked that the sauce had a little bite. Everyone who worked there was really nice, too, and I loved the stools. I would encourage prospective noshers to decide for themselves and to allow for the fact that just possibly, Franks was having an off day.

  5. I take umbrage with this review. Frank's is a nice place with a hot slice that'll burn the roof of your mouth. 6/8. Great for young people in the area.