Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mozzarelli's: "After this we'll stop by Cinnabon and then I just have to run into Spencer Gifts before we go home."

There is a lot happening on the facade of Mozzarelli's that made me feel totally hesitant to even go in there. Like there are all these weird signs that look like a chain store, and a million of them are advertising that is is "healthy" or "gluten free," which are both fine things for food to be, but I'm not necessarily interested in associating them with my pizza. There is also this picture:

Which is totally weird because the depiction of what is obviously a group of criminals is the exact opposite of the weird, sterilized, polished look of the exterior. Also, because these people look about as realistically criminal as when Joe Jackson poses as a con artist. The picture just seemed wildly out of place and inappropriate in the context it was in. I'm not sure what they're trying to convey here, but it is poorly executed at best and borderline offensive at worst.

And the pizza was not very good. The guy behind the counter was super nice, though. He saw us order one slice for the two of us, and put a concerted effort into picking out the absolute largest slice he had, plus he cut it in half without even asking, which actually annoyed me more than anything, but the intentions were obviously good. The sauce on this slice was really sweet, the cheese was burnt and the crust was "okay." Joe thought it tasted like Ray's Pizza & Bagel on St. Marks, which isn't too sterling a recommendation, if I do say so myself. Sitting in the restaurant with my back to the street, I felt like if I turned around I might not see 23rd St, but I'd actually see like the inside of a mall outside Kansas City or Chattanooga or something. Yuck.


Mozzarelli's - $2.25
38 E 23rd St (Madison & Park)
New York, NY 10010


  1. i've avoided this one for years, thanks for taking one for the team, sliceharvester!

  2. I fucking love this place! What is wrong with you??? Top 5 NYC pizzas in my book.