Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fat Sal's Pizza: "The Crackdown."

Longtime readers will recognize this awning from my three prior visits to a Fat Sal's location. To recap, the first time they tried to poison me, the second time they tried to confuse me and the third time they just settled into a comfortable groove of mediocrity, where they seem to have remained on this fourth visit. Ultimately, though, eating the pizza here, and especially compared to the other pizza in Chelsea, I realized that whether or not I like the pizza at Fat Sal's they are Making Pizza. Maybe the owners and pizzamen and customers of Fat Sal's just have different pizza standards. Or maybe they were once totally great, and that one perfect slice I had with Kever and Ernie was like those moments where you think Magneto is going to get it together and just accept that Professor X is right. Unless you are some hardline Vegan Reich dingus, in which case you probably always loved Magneto. One time at a party a million years ago I was talking to some starry-eyed young vegan anarchist and told him that my girlfriend and I were planning on having a baby so we could raise it like a veal calf and take pictures of it's mangled deformed body from being raised in a cage, to humanize the terrible cost of veal to the square world so they'd finally understand what it was like and homeboy WAS TOTALLY INTO IT. I think veal is majorly lame and I don't eat it, but really? If there's anything the Slice Harvester does not endorse it is genuine zealotry.

Anyway, this slice was pretty bad. One good thing that came out of it, though, is that Tonie called the crust "the rim" and that was pretty cool. Here is the rundown. Totally dry, but that meant it had a good crunch, at least. The cheese was cheapo and there was not enough sauce, but you could tell this was real pizza made by a real pizzaman. Nothing to right home about, obviously, but we finished it and it wasn't THAT BAD. Also, a plus was that the grease wasn't the same viscosity as semi-dry candle wax.


Fat Sal's - $2.50
217 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011

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