Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rocky's I: "I like this place."

Rocky's I is great. I came here by myself while walking around this neighborhood. This is actually the first review slice I've eaten alone since the first Pizza Mission over a year ago when Sweet Tooth got lost in the subway and couldn't find me. I walked in and the pizza guy was all smiles, chatting up some customers ahead of me in line. While I will always appreciate a Surly Grump behind the counter, it is really nice when someone is obviously in a radiantly good mood. Like, it just makes my day better to see someone else be happy. I don't remember exactly how the conversation went down, but in the span of time it took me to order "one regular, please" the guy must've had god bless me about half a dozen times.

This slice is great. So great in fact, that I gobbled it up like bachelorettes eating penis shaped novelty foods and immediately ordered another. When I asked the guy behind the counter for one more, he flashed this grin and said, "you love it, right?" And I did.

The second slice was identical to the first and I identically ate it super fast and ordered a third! Seriously. It's only because I was alone and wasn't planning on going to any other pizzerias. The third slice was slightly undercooked, but such is life, right? At that point I didn't even care.

So, this slice is pretty damn near perfect. The cheese was a great quality and has a delicious flavor, without being overbearing or underwhelming. The sauce was not too in your face but definitely adds a distinct touch of slight sweetness and tomato tang to round out the slice. The dough was perfectly textured, just the right thickness and totally salty enough, which is often a problem. Where it spread to the crust, it was neither billowing, nor stingy, but "just right" with soft, tender innards and greasy crunchy outtards. This is an A+ slice.


Rocky's I - $2.50
304 W 14th St (8th & 9th)
New York, NY 10014


  1. Rocky's is great. My two sons and I were visiting NYC this summer from Lawrence Kansas. I told my kids about how fantastic real New York pizza can be. After having a few mediocre slices and a couple of good ones I was beginning to feel that my kid's were going to have doubts about everything I've ever taught them about life such as never trust some one who says "you can trust me"...but then as if guided there by some unseen but powerful internal pizza magnetwe walked into Rocky's while heading to the Highline Park. We actually ordered two large pizzas. My kids decided that maybe I could be trusted. We ate every slice and could have eaten two more pizzas. Pizza at Rocky's and a summer's walk on the Highline park may not be in the tourist brochures but it was the best thing we did in NY.

  2. Great service. One time my friend dropped a slice on the ground here. I threw it away and as I was coming back to my table, the owner insisted that I tell him what kind it was so that he could give me a replacement slice. Super nice guy.

  3. Tomato basil is bomb!