Thursday, October 21, 2010

Papou's Pizza: "Let's get ready to... RUUUUUUMBLE."

Papou's Pizza is a totally weird zone of awkwardness and horrible eating. While we were in there, Joe and me totally got menaced/threatened by an entirely unattended 5 year old in a Tapout shirt and flat-brim Yankee cap who was just like, stomping around like the Hulk trying to fight everybody. It was totally weird. The woman behind the counter was like, 45 but had makeup on like a teenage girl and was twirling gum on her finger while she talked on the phone and spent ten minutes counting out my change. The pizza totally sucked.

Major Freddy Kruger situation going on here. This slice was burnt to shit and brittle, and very obviously not very good in the first place. "You can crumble it in your hands!" Joe exclaimed as he watched the slice turn to dust before his eyes with a slight pinch of his manly fingers. This slice is just bad news. There's no reason to go here. Go hungry instead. Or go somewhere else. This place is the pits.


Papou's Pizza - $2.45
112 E 23rd St (Park & Lex)
New York, NY 10010

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