Saturday, June 26, 2010

Giuseppe's Pizza: "Every day a small death."

Well, Giuseppe's. After Johnny (is that that guy's name?) got done taking a dump in the planter outside, we went in and ordered some pizza. Kever was really excited about holding out on Mercato because Giuseppe's seemed promising. Italian guy's name, looked pretty legit on the inside, pizza smelled pretty appealing. He got his own slice just to eat by himself and not share with anyone! Sadly, he was in for a sore disappointment.

This slice was definitely real pizza, I can say that much. And there was fresh basil in the sauce. I could tell because there were occasional huge chunks of it just hanging around overpowering individual bites while not really instilling much flavor on the rest of it. And there really wasn't very much sauce on this slice. At one point, while everyone was dutifully trying to stuff down the two slices we were sharing between the 8 of us, Kever looked at his half slice and around at our 8 hungry faces and said, "anyone wanna fuck with this thing?"
We all just looked down at our laps, like when you ask a room full of people who wants to volunteer for cleanup at the hardcore matinee.
"See! No one! No one wants to fuck with this!" Kever exclaimed, and threw the slice down on the table before picking it back up and getting back to work finishing it.

I picked up my slice and took a couple bites. "You know," I began, "I don't love it, but I wouldn't be mad if I got this slice."
Kever didn't even take his eyes off his plate and muttered, "Yeah, well I got this slice and I'm mad."

The crust on this slice was really good, and even Kever admitted that the bottom of the slice was cooked perfect and tasted great. And the sauce would've been better if there was more of it. The cheese didn't really speak to me one way or another, which is fine. Totally inoffensive. Whatever. This slice wasn't very good, but nor was it awful to anyone but Kever. The place also had this great food mural.


Giuseppe's Pizza - $2.25
341 Lexington Ave (39th & 40th)
New York, NY 10016

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