Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slice Harvester Quarterly Logo? and I Need YOUR Help.

So, the other day I designed a potential new logo for S.H.Q. and I want to know what you fuckers think.

For all the uncultured plebs in the audience, it is based on the New Yorker logo, which is a caricature of Nyles Crane from Frasier.

Like any great genius, I need the help of my adoring fans to coast towards stardom. I am currently trying to compile a list of references to pizza in literature, sparked by this Jonathan Lethem quote, which opens Slice Harvester Quarterly #2 and which my sister sent me:
When I was a boy I used to love pizza, and whenever my father took me to the pizzeria I'd order two slices. And I'd sit and he'd watch me wolfing down the first slice with my eyes on the second. I wasn't even tasting that first slice. And one day my father said to me, 'Son, you need to learn that while you're eating the first slice of pizza, eat the first slice of pizza. Because right now you're eating the second slice before you've finished the first.'
I'd like more shit like this from books. I was talking with Corey Book Thug the other day, and I was all, "yeah, like, I bet there's some part that I don't remember from the Autobiography of Malcolm X or that Lenny Bruce memoir where they talk about pizza." Sadly, I can't reread every book I've ever read, so I bequeath you, my dear readers, to just keep pizza on your mind when you voraciously devour the hip new novels of today and yesteryear and if you run across a passage discussing the most divine comestible, please, leave me a blog comment or send me an email. I would be much obliged.

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  1. I'm still tranced out on Montgomery's card-the classy coloring, the thickness, the lettering, the print-and I suddenly raise a fist as if to strike out at Craig and scream, my voice booming, "No one wants the fucking RED SNAPPER PIZZA! A pizza should be YEASTY and slightly BREADY and have a CHEESY CRUST! The crusts here are too fucking thin because the shithead chef who cooks here overbakes everything! The pizza is dried out and brittle!"

    American Psycho, Bret Easton Ellis