Thursday, June 24, 2010

Squisito NYC: "Double review! This heatwave is baking my brains!"

Squisito was the last slice I ate last week with Jacob the Terrible, but for somehow, I forgot to take a picture of the slice that day. It was a totally weird slice in that it was soggy and too thin and pretty bad texture-wise, but tasted totally great. To add an extra dimension to the review, here are my notes from that slice:
  • extremely white
  • in motion
  • soggy, floppy
  • fresh tomatoes taste DELISH
  • i wish it was crunchier
  • too thin for its cheese (a lot of cheese)
  • tried to murder me
  • where's the unity?!
That slice was totally crazy. It was like, the color of uncooked cheese and had some super strange textural shit going on, but the ingredients all seemed totally delicious. This week, however, the slices we got were WAY different than that. Luckily, the page of my pizza journal with these notes on it had fallen out, so I had no way to refer to it when I came back and thus wasn't prejudiced or swayed beyond recalling that the slice had been somewhat strange.

This slice was also really white, but there was a peculiar, orange, grease puddle in the middle of it. This slice had horrible sauce and major problems with it's structural integrity. Observe:

As you can see, there is a major canyon of uncooked dough surrounding an inadvertent fold in the pizza foundation which began to tear asunder at the third bite. My sister said, "it's like there is a perogie trapped inside the slice!" And it certainly tasted and felt like the dough had been boiled. And the crust! The crust was too dense but tasted like sourdough. The cheese was cheap as hell, although sort of delicious in a knowingly unhealthy way.

Ella said, "I kind of like the greasy, yellow, really processed flavor of this slice," and I think I agree. Like there's nothing on paper that makes this slice any good, but I remember it somewhat fondly.


Squisito - $2.25
64 East 34th Street (Park & Madison)
New York, NY 10016


  1. yo hook us up with a show! august 15th or 16th <3

    St. Dad

  2. Oh, dudes, yeah! I was planning on emailing you but forgot. I am working on it.

  3. sick! i was also thinking maybe we should try to get there for the 13th and 14th so we could be in nyc on a friday and a saturday. you think that would be better?