Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La Bella Stella: "Something blah blah whatever"

La Bella Stella is like, thirty blocks long and I've been sitting on this post for like, three days because it's ultimately pretty boring and there's not much to say! Usually that means just plow through and hopefully tomorrow will be better, but I've been spending so much time working on the magazine the past few days that it always felt okay to blow it off!

Anyway, La Bella Stella was aight (pronunciation key for old people: ah-ite). There was some cool stuff, like when I walked in there the dude totally harangued me in this really funny way about buying pasta. It was super funny, and maybe a dumbass or a woosie or some hippie from Denver wouldn't be able to take the jovial ribbing this guy gave, but really, it was all in fun and totally made me have a better time in the pizza shop. It's like in Ringolevio when Kenny Wisdom moves to Italy but then runs into his old buddy from Brooklyn hanging around in Rome. "There was a warm 'You can go and fuck your dead ancestors!' attitude about Charlie... that made Kenny feel at home." You know what I mean? I prefer a place where people give me a little shit.

The pizza was okay. It is differentiated from most of the places in this neighborhood in that it was actually real pizza. So that was cool. It was totally dripping grease everywhere, not like, as much as a pepperoni slice, but a totally satisfying amount, which ruled. The cheese was good enough, the sauce was fine and the crust was PHENOMENAL. Absolutely perfect balance between crunch and fluff. I am not super thrilled about this place, but it was decent enough pizza.


La Bella Stella - $2.50
460 W 34th St (9th & 10th)
New York, NY 10001

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