Friday, March 19, 2010

Belmora Pizza: "Under new ownership?"

Belmora Pizza has a beautiful awning. Absolutely marvelous. It hearkens back to a time when people cared about craftsmanship, when even the simplest tasks were approached with a certain aesthetic rigidity and a sense of integrity. Compare this awning to that of Heights Pizza, perhaps. This will clarify some of the points I am currently finding inarticulable because of the incredibly early hour. Why am I up so early, you ask? Well, dear reader, art doesn't move itself, now does it? When I can Sorcerer's Apprentice some arms and legs onto sculptures and paintings from bed, perhaps I will return to this entry and expand upon some of the points put forth.

Sadly, the slice here did not nearly match the beauty of the awning. It was totally underdone. Which makes me think the guy who ordered after me and said, "Gimme a slice, well done. Just burn the shit out of it if you have to," was probably on to something. However, even if it had been cooked through more thoroughly, that wouldn't really change the fact that the ingredients leave a lot to be desired. As we made our way through this slice Aaron and I became suspicious that perhaps the restaurant had new owners and they just looked down because of the credibility-inducing awning but were actually pizza posers. Sort of like if my dad went to some vintage store and bought beat up, old Flux of Pink Indians shirt and then went to ABC No Rio or something. Everyone would be like, "woah, that Old Guy is probably so cool." Little would they know.


Belmora Pizza - $2.89
139 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022


  1. A voice of experience about burnt pizza.
    Years ago I worked overnight as a stocker in a grocery store. Not living in a large city, our choice of places to eat at around 2:00 in the morning was limited. We would get together and buy one or more of those cheap frozen pizzas. The grocery store had a deli and the oven we used was one for pastry. It had a fan in it and would cook a pizza really fast but the top would be burned black.

    These pizzas did not taste "burnt." The were actually very good, maybe even qualified as the best I have ever tasted. Yes, a burnt black pizza from a box from the grocery store tasted better than any other pizza available in the pizza wasteland of Mississippi.

  2. Way to get spotted by Bike Snob.

  3. "woah, that Old Guy is probably so cool." Little would they know."

    hey your dad IS cool!

  4. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that my father made the above comment.

  5. dad definitely made that comment. no doubt in my mind.

  6. I must agree, that must have been Dad who made that statement, who else would be cool enough?

  7. Hi I am italian,and these pizza are really far away from the true "pizza napoletana"...italians usually use simple ingredients: tomato oil and cheese,but usually the cheese is "mozzarella di bufala"..But..I really like your idea!
    I love sooooooo much pizza and if i could i ' ll eat it everyday!
    Sorry for my bad english!
    Kisses from Italia