Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cafe Daniello - "I'm a little distracted today, so no clever title."

Daniello's Cafe is right across the street from the High School of Art & Design, and me and A.C. were there just in time for the sidewalk outside to be swamped by children. Don't worry, I asked all of them if they minded being photographed, and unlike most people hanging around outside pizzerias, they had no problem with it. A million times over I have had some sketchy lurker call me "Officer" and ask to see my camera phone picture to make sure I left them out of it. Lord knows I understand security culture and so I warn anyone who may be stuck in one of my photographs that they will be documented standing where they are standing, but honestly, I think it is delusions of grandeur that make some of these two-bit nobodies think anyone even cares about where the fuck their sorry-asses are on a Monday afternoon. Sorry for the digression, but apparently it's been on my mind, I guess.

Well, anyway, once you clear the brat pack and get inside, Daniello's is a weird little place. It has that kind of bullshit air of pretend fanciness, the exact opposite of Prince Pizza, it kind of reminds me of Abitino's come to think of it, that totally turns me off because it's 100% disingenuous. I don't mind actually fancy shit, I just hate pretenders (except these ones and these ones). Aaron said, "although they aren't making me feel unwelcome, I feel LESS welcome here than the last place. This is a different NY."

Luckily, no one need wrest control of Daniello's from the Teen Titans, because the slice isn't all that hot. How convenient! Here's the lowdown: it's not bad, but it's nothing that exciting, which is way more boring than when something is bad. Think like, I don't know, the second Blanks 77 album. The dough needs a little salt, the grease is a tiny bit too orange to trust, Aaron said it was "not zesty enough." Sure.


Daniello's Cafe - $2.50
1072 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10022


  1. I really like the second Pinkerton Thugs album.

  2. Am I thinking of the third one? One of them was a total snooze. I will amend it.

  3. I feel like you could've said:

    "it's not bad, but it's nothing that exciting, which is way more boring than when something is bad. Think like, I don't know, the Blanks 77."

    That's where I thought you were going with that.

    - Bill

  4. But Bill! The first one has a hologram cover of a punk shooting you and so many mediocrely good songs that I have sentimental memories of.

  5. Wait, which was the second Blanks album? I THINK I LIKED THAT ONE TOO. Is this one of those awkward moments when you suddenly realize the girl you are dating really has nothing in common with you at all?

  6. Wait ok yeah, that album sucks. That was a close one Harvester, I thought we were going to have to have a talk.