Tuesday, March 9, 2010

F.O.R.: "I'm not sure what compelled me to visit another one of these."

Famous Original Ray's
. I think the last one of these I went to was a few months ago and I seem to have temporarily forgotten the vow I made then to not eat at another Famous Original Ray's. But such is life, and this one was more of the same.

This slice looked like a total Preemie, and kind of was, but it was that weird sort of undercooked slice that still manages to maintain something of a decent crunch. This phenomenon is an enigma that has puzzled the world for centuries. In Ancient Rome, Paeus Pepperonius, trusted aid to Caligula, believed that an underdone slice with a crunchy bottom heralded good fortune for those who consumed it. It was a well documented superstition among French sailors, on the other hand, to remain at port if even one crew member had eaten this type of slice, as for them it foreboded a brutally rough sea. For me, a culturally bankrupt half-Jew New Yorker, it means nothing but the fact that I have to perform the chore of eating it. Whatever. It bears noting that this slice was pretty big, but it is totally outrageous that it cost $3.00. Who do these people think they are?

Famous Original Ray's - $3.00
1710 Broadway
New York, NY 10029

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