Sunday, March 7, 2010

Justino's Pizzeria: "These people are appropriately aggressive about how good their pizza is."

Justino's lies right across 10th Avenue from Strokos and is it's polar opposite. Whereas Strokos is a huge impersonal cafeteria that feels totally anonymous and removed from the food served there, Justino's is a tiny little counter that only serves pizza and beef patties with some people behind it that immediately start bullying about how good their food is you as soon as you go inside. Seriously, me and Jason walked in there and I was all, "one regular slice."
And homeboy just straight looked right at Jason and was like, "Whataboutchoo?"
So I says, "We're sharing it."
And he's all, "Sharing it, huh? Ya gonna need a second one. This is a great slice." He paused and looked up to the Heavens, probably reciting a quick prayer to the Great Pizzaola, before looking directly back at me. "We're from Staten Island." Then he handed me my slice.

It was kind of enormous and it looked GREAT, although I was certainly charmed by the surly pizzaman. The colors on this slice were really good, and when I folded it, the crust crunched just right with that audible crunch that I could hear over all the ambient sounds of the street. This slice has totally decent ingredients, and good ratios. It is not the kind of slice I would murder for, but it was damn good. Totally solid and I would definitely come back here.

Justino's - $2.50
881 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

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  1. Go back and try the Grandma slice--it's unreal.