Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ultimate Pizza: "Feel the power of Ultimate Pizzzzzzaaaaaa!"

Yesterday I was riding my bike up 1st Ave and sending my friend Cory a text message that said "C U SOON!! :) <3" When I nearly got mushed by a truck whose driver was ALSO SENDING A TEXT MESSAGE! We shared a knowing glance and exactly zero "Fuck You!"s were exchanged. I quickly remembered that I shouldn't do that and put my phone in my pocket, but for some reason, afterwards, I couldn't stop singing "Back In The Saddle Again" in my head. And what a saddle it is! Sadly, I can't show it to you, but if you head over to one of my favorite blogs, Bike Snob NYC, you can see a picture of my cockpit if you are willing to scroll far enough down. You may as well just read the whole thing, though, that guy is funny.

In the end, I did successfully meet Cory without being pummeled by any vehicles, and conveniently enough, we were both exactly 15 minutes late for our rendezvous, so no one was mad at anyone. When I first met Cory some years ago, he was a teenager and I was in my twenties. At that point, not that it's so easily measurable, he was definitely at least as cool as me. At this point he is way cooler than I am. I don't mean easier to get along with or more fun to hang out with, because he is neither of those things, but he is definitely really guilelessly cool in this way that is totally compelling for me. Like, I think he is exactly what I always imaged a Cool Guy would be like when I was in Middle School, minus the JNCOs. Anyway, he is someone who I've known for a long time, and because we are both busy, productive people, we don't really get an opportunity to hang out as much as we'd like. So spending a day with him was a real fucking pleasure.

Ultimate Pizza
was not so ultimate really. Though there were a lot of windows and thus plenty of natural light, there is something kind of dire about eating below sidewalk level. The place is also tremendously ugly on the inside. And the slice is $3.00! What?!

The situation: this slice had an almost great texture, although the crust crumbled a bit too much on each bite for it to be perfect. Something just wasn't quite right. The sauce was too sweet for both Cory and me, the cheese was bland, a textural experience but not a taste experience, and overall, the slice just wasn't hot enough! It wasn't a terrible slice, but definitely not worth $3.


Ultimate Pizza - $3.00
407 E 57th St.
New York, NY 10022

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