Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adriatic: "Alright!"

Adriatic Italian Restaurant is so awesome! I really want to go back and get a non-pizza, sit down dinner there. What's going on is, in the front of the place, it is a really cool looking neighborhood pizzeria, and then in the back it is a fancy restaurant. It's kind of like if you took the bar out of the front of Bamonte's and put a rad pizzeria in. I ventured in back to find the can and the whole place was fantastic looking. Nice restroom, too. Spacious.

I recently ran into Eric the Red, who is one of the owners of Second Chance Saloon, my favorite bar (and occasional workplace), a few nights after he got back into town from traveling for a few months. "How's the pizza going, where are you up to these days?" was his first question for me. When I told him that I had just finished up 14th-23rd on the East Side his eyes lit up and he asked, "did you go to Adriatic? I used to go there with my father all the time when I was a kid. It's such a strange place."

This slice is thin and wide. It was light on the sauce, but the sauce had a distinct enough flavor that you could taste it's presence. There was enough grease, but not too much, and the cheese was of great quality. The dough and crust were both superb, cooked well, with enough salt. The one thing is that the whole slice was a little bit too floppy because of how thin it was, but on the whole it was way above average!


Adriatic Italian Restaurant - $2.50
321 1st Ave (18th & 19th)
New York, NY 10003

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  1. Used to work across the street at the Blockbuster on 1st/19th before it closed down. Was my favorite between work stop. Great slice!