Friday, November 5, 2010

Il Forno: "Fa schifo."

There is pretty much nothing to say about Il Forno besides that it sucks and is also inordinately huge. I could not imagine it filling up if it was a quarter of the size it is, but it is like, fucking enormous and L-shaped. If you want tons of privacy to talk about really private shit without anyone around, I suggest coming here and ordering like, a soda or a pepperoni roll and sitting around back in the huge ghost town of a back room. If you want pizza, I would say you should probably go somewhere else.

This slice was a little worse than mediocre. It was cooked okay, but the ratios were all off--there was too much cheese and too little sauce. The dough was not nearly salty enough and was a flavor vacuum, a total Black Hole Sun.


Il Forno - $2.45
343 2nd Ave (at 21st)
New York, NY 10003


  1. well im stoned as hell and that slice looks pretty good to me right now

  2. i'm sure you meant "fa schifo"