Thursday, November 11, 2010

Johnny's Pizza and Pasta: "So forgettable, I forgot I ate here."

Not much to talk about here. Me and Dan both agreed that this is pretty much worthless as a pizzeria, although I wish more pizza shops in New York still looked like this. That is probably just unhealthy sentimentality and nostalgia. One time my dad came over to drink coffee at my apartment, which is in this ancient building from like 1865 or something. They were building this hideous condo building across the street and I was like, "God, this shit is hideous."
"No worse than those," my dad said, pointing at some of the nearly identical, vinyl-sided row houses, probably put up in the 60s or 70s, flanking the rest of the block.
"What do you mean?" I asked, "Those buildings are great."
My father pointed at my building, "This building is great. Look at the stone detailing on every floor. It's beautiful. Those buildings across the street are just more cookie cutter crap, no better or worse than the condo, they're just older."

And I'm sure my (currently non-existent) nephews and nieces or my nephews' and nieces' nephews and nieces will look at some of the yuppie shithole pizzerias that I hate the decor of and they will have seen them since they were little kids and they will have an affinity for that stuff and whatever the spaceage new shit that comes out when they are teenagers will be stupid to them or whatever, but it's actually, ultimately all the same crap.

And this pizza is also the same crap. It's actually really disappointing, to tell you plain and true. The cheese is good, it's cooked well, got decent crust and fine ratios. But the sauce! The sauce is so vile and disgusting it ruins everything else. It tasted curdled. It tasted rancid. It was horrible. We didn't finish this slice, but if the sauce had been edible it might've been good.


Johnny's Pizza and Pasta - $2.50
261 1st Ave (15th & 16th)
New York, NY 10003

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