Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rivoli Pizza II: "Larry is dead."

I remember the name Rivoli Pizza from my notes and I just spent the past ten minutes researching on a popular search engine for information on Rivoli Pizza I. It wasn't until I consulted my trusty companion, Il Pizza Journal that I saw that I had, in fact, attempted to visit the Original Rivoli, and it is, in fact, no longer there. Having now eaten at Rivoli Pizza II, it is no surprise that its predecessor has gone the way of the microraptor, the primary differences between the two being that Rivoli Pizza was a probably mediocre pizza shop, and the microraptor is a dinosaur that looks like it could've lived in an Ursula LeGuinn novel and has four wings.

At least, in juxtaposition with what I ate before it, this is actually pizza. However, this is mediocre pizza at best, and kind of bad pizza at worst. The dough was crumbly, like soggy sheetrock, the cheese was cheap and had what Laszlo characterizes as "the bad grease," and the sauce, Eric pointed out, "tastes like it's about to turn." You know when you dumpster pizza in the summer from those places down by Wall Street that close when it's still light out, and they've been sitting out in the sun baking in garbage bags for a few hours by the time you get there, and you take a bite and you realize the sauce is a pinch of yeast away from becoming some kind of disgusting Tomato Wine? It was like that. Sort of rancid.


Rivoli Pizza II - $2.50
125 Christopher St (Hudson & Bedford)
New York, NY 10014

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  1. Went to this place after a long walk and received crappy service. I asked for my pizza well done and got a soggy slice that was discombobulated. This was not the worst part.. The nightmare didn't start with the crappy pizza taste but with the attitude i received from a worker there.. maybe he was the owner. I went to the disgraceful bathroom, which did not bother me. What bothered me was how i was accused of leaving the water running.. I politely said no i did not leave the water running, the owner/worker/whatever ran to the bathroom and i followed. What he heard was the hand drier still running. And instead of realizing he was wrong, he decided to turn the faucet on and off in order to pretend that i left the water running.. i said right to him "dude, you just turned the water on and off.." he said with an attitude and a dirty look "O YEAH?!" and i said yea and walked out.. Had i been ten years younger, i would have thrown the pizza in his ignorant face.. I AM DISGUSTED!..