Monday, November 22, 2010

Bleeker Street Pizza: "More like 'Blah-ker Street Poopza.'"

After the weird times at Z Pizza, I was expecting Bleeker Street Pizza to be good, because it looked like a real pizza shop! The guys behind the counter were total dicks in a way that I was super into, and they were listening to some awesomely terrible music, and some old lady thought I had a bad attitude and was mean to me, so overall it was a wonderful experience, but then I got my slice.

I am always theoretically fond of an employment situation where the workers don't give a flying fuck about me as a customer. I have worked in many such a situation and there is something very rewarding about the freedom afforded by not caring at all. However, in this instance that translated to these guys handing me a slice of totally cold pizza! It seemed like it had been refrigerated and was totally gross. A few bites in I asked them "would you mind fucking cooking my pizza a little, buddy?" and they heated it a bit. It was way better, but still not stand out great or worth the effort it took me to slog through the employee malaise and make this slice decent. Heave ho!


Bleeker Street Pizza - $2.50
69 7th Ave (Bleeker & Barrow)
New York, NY 10014


Also! I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Linda Sparhawk and give a shout out to all the ladies at Miami Children's Hospital who read Slice Harvester!


  1. I hate when people say, "Oh that place is usually great, you should try it again. They were having an off day." But I'm totally going to say that about Bleecker Street. I think their crust is amazing, though I have to admit I'm not much of a plain slice guy, so maybe that isn't the best. I think their Nona Maria, which is basically a grandma style on a regular slice, is the way to go there.

    And I've never had a problem with a cold slice, thought the guys are kinda charmingly dickish. Last time I was there, these idiots who ordered a full pie were complaining that it had too much garlic, so they returned their pie, which was missing two slices. The Bleecker Street dudes just grabbed a similar pie that was sitting under the glass, also missing two slices, and swapped it out.

  2. The regular slice here is terrible. You need to order the "nonna maria" slice.