Thursday, November 18, 2010

Z Pizza: "I should not have eaten here!"

Z Pizza is such a weird place! It turns out that it's also a national chain and thus falls outside of the Slice Harvester scope, but fuck it, I ate here, so I'll tell you about it. I kind of had a feeling this was some kind of weird franchise situation. And it still boggles my mind that these kind of places open up in New York City, but I guess as a town we are not nearly as tough on outsiders as we used to be.

This slice looked like toy food, was totally tiny and tasted like some kind of salted meat. Laszlo said, "the aftertaste tastes like a burp." Eric said, "the crust is the texture of fried salami." I say, "don't eat here."


Z Pizza - $2.00
298 Bleeker St (Barrow & Grove)
New York, NY 10014


  1. You are wrong. Zpizza rocks.

  2. So much for taste being subjective.

  3. really? you log on to the internet and go on slice harvester to defend z's? why would anyone do this? ill bet you are z.

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