Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Famous Joe's Pizza: "You all know this place is good already."

Yesterday I went pizza eating with famous Tokyo punk Yusuke Okada. I have known Yusuke for a few years now, and it seems like everyone else knows him too. No matter where I go or who I talk to, if I am amongst punks, someone has had the pleasure of his company, whether it was hosting him or his band in the States or hanging out with him in Japan on tour or traveling. Yusuke is a totally rad man, and I have been talking about him incessantly to my girlfriend since he got into town. What a guy!

The clerk at the store where he bought his hat told Yusuke, "this hat is for old women or confident men."

Our first stop was Famous Joe's Pizza, which is different from other pizzerias with the word "Famous" in the name because, 1. Famous Joe's is actually famous, and 2. they serve a great slice.

Sorry this photo is so weird! I shattered the screen on my future phone and can't really see what any of the pictures I take look like anymore!

This slice is totally, solidly awesome. It is on the saucier side of perfect ratios, which is still absolutely phenomenal. The cheese is DELICIOUS and fresh, the sauce is tangy and flavorful, and the dough tastes phenomenal. The slice is a little small for $2.75, though. And it is a bit floppy, but believe it or not, it is floppy without being soggy, and it has this certain fresh chewiness that I find totally appealing. The crust tastes like fresh sourdough bread from the bakery and has enough salt and is the perfect texture, even if the "floor" of the slice flopped around too much. All in all, I wish it was a bit bigger, but this is a great slice. And that shouldn't be news to anyone, Joe's has been serving great pizza forever.


Famous Joe's Pizza - $2.75
7 Carmine St (Bleeker & Ave of the Americas)
New York, NY 10014


  1. It's still very good, but not as good as it used to be... everything changed when that awful Abitino's opened on Bleeker & Carmine, and then closed. I still think it's one of he better slices in NY but the smaller place seems unfriendly and also dirty, just my opinion. Been waiting a long time for you to get to this place, slicy.

  2. Yeah this is easiest the best slice shop in Manhattan. To give it a .5 slice rating better than so many many pedestrian pizza slingers that get an 8 on here is almost criminal.


  3. You shouldn't have eaten the whole eighth, bro.

  4. I had Joe's Pizza and it had way to much cheese on it.
    They need to put less cheese on the doe.
    There is no way Joe's pizza is better then
    Pizza Suprema right behind Madison Square Garden.

    For Pizza's in Queens, try Amore Pizza in Flushing on
    Stratton St and Brother's Pizza in Fresh Meadows.
    Both of those pizza places are great.