Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Phil's Pizza: "Joe's pizza, then Phil's pizza, next will be Eliza's pizza and then Alex's pizza..."

Phil's Pizza is awesome! When we walked in, the tv was playing some totally scandalous shit on Judge Judy and there was this guy in a union jacket yapping away at the pizzaman all, "and so I says to her, 'dat's right I put the chain on the door.' Dat ain't my kid walking around smokin joints in the hallways keepin' me up at night. Let him keep YOU up at night foronceinyagoddamnlife...'" And it looked like a shithole in the best way but smelled SO GOOD.

Phil's Pizza is totally comparable to Famous Joe's in style. It is super thin crust, to the point that it can't bear it's own weight and flops around, but it is totally delicious anyway. The sauce here was slightly sweet in a way that Yusuke and me didn't really like, but it wasn't too sweet, and the slice was otherwise pretty bangin'. Great quality cheese and great dough. This slice is on the less saucy side of the perfect ratio spectrum, but still totally great! The crust was a little bit brittle, if it had been cooked a moment longer it would've been bad, but as it was it, tasted perfect. Yusuke said this place had "good atmosphere, very good atmosphere."


Phil's Pizza - $2.50
226 Varick St (Carmine & Downing)
New York, NY 10014


  1. Phils is terrific pizza..great family that own and operates.

  2. I eat at Phil's for lunch 3 or 4 times a month. Great atmosphere. It's a mom & pop shop and they knew their regulars. I enjoy watching the old school television that's always tuned to daytime television. My firts visit to Phil's was in January 2011. I sat in there eating my lunch, making a mental checklist of things I need to do before I officialy move to NYC, and watched the story break about the man with the golden voice. blah! getting all nostalgic...