Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Milk'N Honey: "These are the days of wine and roses, riot squads and fire hoses."

It bears noting that Cory always has picture-perfect Slacker Posture, but before entering Milk'N Honey his shoulders hunched like a frightened animal. Because Cory is knows how bad Kosher food can be. It's kind of like veggie meats. Like, I guess if you're a total vegan you might want to have something resembling a sausage sometimes, so you eat a veggie sausage and you haven't had any real meat in years, and you're all "OMG! This sausage tastes like sausage!" when it actually tastes like maple syrup and "smoke" flavor. And like, kosher pizza is the same thing except I think most people start out Kosher from birth and then stay that way forever, so actually it's not as apt a comparison as I originally thought. And I was so delighted with myself for thinking of it, too! This is a bummer.

But however much of a bummer that was, it was nothing compared to the bummer that was Milk'N Honey's slice. Puh-lease. There was way too much cheese on this slice, and it was in such a monolithic mass that I would've pulled it all off the slice on my second bite if I hadn't intervened. The crust was dry and brittle, and the sauce tasted straight out of the can. Nate kind of liked it though, and I gotta say, it wasn't bad for a kosher slice.

I can really sum up the careless attitude they obviously have towards pizza here with the following anecdote: As I was paying, the proprietor of the store asked me, "so, what did you think of the slice?"
I shrugged my shoulders, gave him a high-brow and said, "eh, it wasn't bad."
To which he replied, "How good can it be? It's just pizza."


Kosher-Scale Rating:

Milk'N Honey - $3.81
22 W 45th St
New York, NY 10036

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