Monday, April 5, 2010

Redstone Pizzeria Cafe: "notapizzeria.jpg"

Redstone Pizzeria Cafe. There was some conversation about whether or not we should go here. This is decidedly not a pizzeria. It felt like what I imagine walking into a Cosi or a Panera Bread might be like, though I've never been inside either one. I have been to the Cheesecake Factory once! And I drank a mojito then, too. Seriously, though. This place is totally the strangest and I wouldn't want anyone to have to go in there ever.

The pizza was horrible, and tasted like ketchup. The cheese had absolutely no flavor. And the bread, though delicious, was too chewy to be a decent pizza bottom. The crust tasted like totally awesome sourdough or something but the texture was just not appropriate for a slice of pizza. Go figure.


Redstone Pizzeria Cafe - $2.72
500 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10172


  1. Trust me i have worked there and I can tell you that the owner is incompetent and is very unstable with his business making decisions.

  2. I was in new york in august 2010, i am a big fan of pizza, during my stay i ate at many different pizza places. I thought red stone pizzeria had the best pizza out of all the places i ate in. I went there twice with several friends and we all thought the pizza was excellent.

  3. (Not that Space Men necessarily enjoy shitty pizzas.)