Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pronto Pizza: "I really thought we had walked into a bizarro world."

This Pronto Pizza location is a few storefronts down W 48th St from Pronto Pizza & Beer. I really felt like this was like, some Eerie, Indiana type occurrence. Seriously, it was so strange. And atmospherically these places were like, diametric opposites but with crazy similarities. Like at PP&B, there was a counter to your left when you walk in with a surly Italian American dude being a dick to you and a huge cooler full of beers and then the space opened up into a bunch of seating in the back and there were these radio speakers playing some indiscernible radio frequency with so much delay it sounded like we were in like, a scene in Blue Velvet or something. And then at plain old PP, when you walk in there is a counter to your left with a damn cooler full of beers but it's a little smaller and there's this demure Arabic gentleman and he's all nice to you and then the space opens up in the back and there's all these tables and a bunch of weirdos hanging around and then instead of a radio playing music there's some TVs on showing the news. I really felt like we had walked in some kind of cartoon landscape like when Bugs Bunny is being pursued by Elmer Fudd and they keep running past the same house. It was seriously so strange.

The only substantial difference is that the pizza here is actually WORSE than the pizza at Pronto Pizza & Beer, which is nuts because that pizza was horrid, although at least it didn't try to murder Cory. This pizza had next to no sauce, and the cheese had no real flavor. I thought the dough kind of tasted like angel food cake. Nate said it was the texture of shitty biscuits, and I said it was like the first loaf of bread Good Kid Paulie ever made back when he was living in my bunk bed. That bread tasted good because there was love in it, but it was not a particularly great texture because Paulie was just learning what he was doing and he didn't let it rise enough. Coincidentally, Paulie sent me a picture of his most recent loaf last night and it seems like he's really made improvements since the Bunk Punx days. Good job, buddy! After eating this pizza I was fairly unmoved, as I have been in the shit for so long now I can't tell right from wrong. But the slice at Pronto left Cory feeling sad, and Nate says he felt ashamed.


Pronto Pizza - $2.75
62 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036


  1. This pizza is particularly horrid - the dollar slice at Two Bros. on 46th street is better. Unfortunately, it's closed at the moment. The one good thing about PP is that it has a Lotto machine. I usually hit it in the morning, while the assorted union thugs are holding their morning brain trust meeting over breakfast in the back.
    One other source of amusement - a table ad for Coke in holiday edition cans also had a greeting from the folks at PP - "Happy Hoildays From All Of Us At Pronto Pizza." Spelled exactly that way.

  2. Good news, bad news: Good News - You can get a slice before 9am in this city. Bad News - this place is one of them.

    But....the Two Bros. mentioned above is open again!! Dollar Daze are here again!