Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pronto Pizza & Beer: " Good for public drinking, bad for pizza eating."

Pronto Pizza & Beer! If nothing else this place at least has atmosphere. Cory called it "1991, the Pizzeria" which is interesting and probably based more on movies than life experience since Cory was probably what, like, 3 in 1991? Whatever, but little baby's got some big ideas apparently, and really when a child in your life shows signs of having an active imagination you have to nurture that, which is what everyone does with Cory.

Anyway, place was wonderful. The guy behind the counter was a totally surly dick and acted like we were all idiots the whole time. It was partially perceptive on his part and partially that he had no patience for anyone. They were not kidding about beer here, either. There were like a million beers in a big ice bucket on the counter and they had a couple of draft beers that they serve in ENORMOUS paper soda cups. I think 64 ounces of Bud was like, $6.00, which is kind of a good deal, so this place is recommended for beer drunks.

The pizza was pretty horrendous, though. It tasted like it had oven cleaner burnt to the bottom of it. It was too doughy and heavy, and I almost want to say it was too salty, which is CRAZY because I eat my food hell of salty all the time. There was no flavor from the sauce but the slice did feel slightly wet so it wasn't totally absent. Of the cheese, Nate said, "you know when you're like eating something and you like get a piece of plastic and you keep chewing it and it won't go down? That's what this cheese is like.


Pronto Pizza & Beer - $2.75
30 W 48th St (btw. 5th and 6th)
New York, NY 10020

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  1. Used to go to an outpost of this place with a bunch of co-workers every couple was where we got cheap beer. Pizza was secondary. Accurate review. :)