Friday, April 23, 2010

The World Famous Little Italy: "The definition of averageness."

A few blocks from The World Famous Little Italy Pizza is The World Famous Little Italy. This may seem confusing to some, much like the Pronto Pizza & Beer and Pronto Pizza both being on one block debacle. That one was actually really confusing because when we were leaving Pronto Pizza, the surly pizzaman from Pronto Pizza & Beer was going in! And me and Cory's jaws both dropped and dude gave us this really ambiguous look! One thing we can say definitively is that those two places seem to be allies. Such is not the case with the multiple Little Italys. Italies? Italy's? Italyses? How do you pluralize a word like that? Dead Kennedys perhaps set the precedent here.

To Our Customers:
Little Italy Pizza
1 E 43rd Street
5th Avenue and Madison Ave

Been our
ONLY Location and
NOT Affiliated with
any other Little Italy.

How about that? They might as well have a sign that says "We have nothing to do with that shitty place around the corner! We swear!" Some of the grammar and line-spacing and choices of when to capitalize words on that sign are really wonderful. Also, it is totally like, engraved in metal.

This slice was like, the epitome of mediocrity. It looked and tasted like it was a day old, and they served it to me at the most uncommitted, luke-warm temperature. But really, it wasn't bad. I love day old pizza! I would not recommend this slice to anyone, I will never suggest it as long as I live, but I wouldn't tell anyone not to go here, either. This slice is totally middle-of-the-road. Definitely better than the other Little Italy, though.


Little Italy - $2.72
1 E 43rd St
New York, NY 10175


  1. Some deserved attention should be called to the use of the word "Fantabulous" on the sign. Excellent choice.

  2. I will have to check this out. It looks like my quest for a decent (not complete and utter bs) slice near work in midtown may be finally fulfilled.